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Fake Reaction (2:44) Another European show pitched to American buyers. I inherited this project from another editor and was asked to do a cut down of the previous cut, and add clips from other markets it had sold in. I added some title and motion work and re-scored, timed and mixed some of the music and SFX.

My Man Can (2:04) This game-show sizzle is cut from the British version, for pitching to American buyers. I took this project from 1st rough to delivery, providing additional title and graphic work as well as sound mixing, color, and VO.

Fly Guys (8:46) This reality pitch follows a braggadocious fly fisherman and his sons, who challenge other anglers to a fish off.  In addition to editing I also provided title and graphic work, as well as sound mixing, color correction, and VO. 

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