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Years before I made the decision to become a video editor, I was unknowingly giving myself the audio toolkit I would need in the video post world. 

It turns out the skill set needed to create radio commercials and long form programming is the exact skill set required to do post sound for video - who knew?


Recording VO, placing SFX, editing music, and mixing levels with digital editing software, is the essence of both disciplines. My radio experience gave me the tools I've used on every video project I've ever edited. You can listen to some of my audio work by clicking on the thumbnails below.

Clever (1:52) A science based game show with contestants guessing on the outcome of explosive experiments. I cut this sizzle using footage from the foreign version of the show.  I was also responsible for sound editing and mixing, as well as titles, motion graphics, and color correction.

Darkness Of The Night (1:35) Created as a homage to the Italian Giallo genre, I was hired to edit, do sound design, and mix the short film and the trailer. I also provided graphic services for title design and motion.

My Man Can (2:04) This game-show sizzle is cut from the British version, for pitching to American buyers. I took this project from 1st rough to delivery, providing additional title and graphic work as well as sound mixing, color, and VO.

Ghost Town (5:11) A follow doc about a haunted Arizona town, with strange happenings and stranger locals. As with most development work, I cut this reality pitch from string-out to delivery. I was also responsible for titles and motion graphic work, as well as sound mixing and color correction.

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