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(310) 625-1408

I have edited content for Discovery, History, Animal Planet, Nat Geo, and Bio channel, among others.
I am an editor with a wide skill set and a strong understanding of how to build story. I specialize in editing and post services, but I also bring the sensibilities and instincts of a writer/story producer gained from practical experience.    

I generally edit on AVID, but I also cut on Premiere Pro. I'm an advanced level Photoshop and Pro Tools user. With After Effects, I am proficient with keying, tracking, 2D and 3D motion, titles and lower 3rds.


On TV shows I work as a part of a team of editors concentrating mainly on the picture edit. When I cut development work, short film, or other non-broadcast content I work as a "Preditor" taking projects from raw footage through delivery, edit, sound, graphics, and color.


You can review my picture editing content by clicking on the "My Reels" tab above. There you can find my

TV show segments, sizzles, and pitch reels. You can find my sound and graphic reels in the corresponding tabs. I hope you enjoy my work.

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